LASTING Software’s activity is powered by strong partnerships and a solid track record of projects built and delivered in partnership with leading industry stakeholders. In this context, our long-term collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) has been an essential driver for the successful development & validation of our satcom technology solutions.

Alongside ESA, a key partner in the successful development of satellite telecommunications solutions has been global technology leaders such as ST Engineering iDirect Europe (part of global technology, defense and engineering company ST Engineering), as well as academic partners such as the Politehnica University Timisoara. 

As an integral part of this ecosystem, LASTING Software has recently reached a significant double milestone in its journey to prototype, develop and validate satellite backhauling solutions for mobile networks. More precisely – in June 2021, our company has successfully delivered one project and has taken on the role of main contractor in another, which aims to develop and expand the scope of the recently completed initiative. Both projects are co-financed by ESA and are developed in partnership with ST Engineering iDirect Europe.

The project which LASTING Software has recently delivered focuses on developing a series of technology enhancements and optimizations to the cellular backhauling over satellite solution previously built by our company. The new initiative, which kicked off at the same time and in which our company has stepped up as main contractor, further expands the original solution. More precisely, we are looking to validate the feasibility of using a satellite connection as backhauling for a 5G mobile network and to demonstrate that end-to-end traffic can be processed with a higher link capacity and thus with higher network speed.  

“LASTING Software bridges the world of terrestrial and satellite telecommunications by offering consultancy and prototyping expertise, acting as an end-to-end provider of integrated cellular back-hauling solutions”, says Daniel Zirmer, General Manager of LASTING Software. “Our mission is to establish a satcom competence center in Timisoara which has the ability to support & drive long-term evolution from an academic, an economic and a commercial perspective. In developing this integrated ecosystem, we work both alongside our long-term strategic partner ST Engineering iDirect Europe, as well as together with other major players, such as the local university and a large provider of terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure”, Mr. Zirmer adds.

„Building strong partnerships and developing key competences are two major objectives for us”, says Ionel Petrut, PhD, Technical Project Manager for LASTING Software. „As such, we have teamed up with the Politehnica University Timisoara, a leading higher education institution, to develop and add a course in Satellite Communications to the curriculum. This course is available to university students in their final year of undergraduate studies and provides a good starting point for a career in this particular field”.